Visual Diary

Wordpress Theme

An image centric custom WordPress theme that we have developed.

You can see it in action at

The theme supports infinite scroll out of the box and is ready for MacOS dark mode.

The index view is designed to allow the visitor to scroll through a collection large images without much distraction.

Visual Diary index page

And this is how it looks when the visitor has dark mode enabled.

Visual Diary index page in dark mode

The theme also works well for text based posts.

Visual Diary text page

And they look great in dark, too.

Visual Diary text page in dark mode

Each image post has it’s own page where you can set individually colored backgrounds.

The background can be a solid color.

Visual Diary solid background color

Or a color gradient.

Visual Diary gradient background color

There is also a grid archive view to quickly browse a large collection of images.

Visual Diary archive grid

The theme switches to dark mode automatically when the user’s device does.

Visual Diary Light to Dark Transition

We have open sourced the theme and you can download it straight from GitHub. Feel free to use and customize it to your liking.