Los Créditos

Photo Series

The photo series Los créditos is about the people behind Argentinian cinema. From the person supervising the script to the big shot film producer, it captures their peculiar life in a photograph and offers a glimpse into the world of these people who seduce us with their illusions on the big screen.

A close portrait of the life of these special creators, the series tells the story of the ones entertaining, distracting and moralizing us. The process of film making is a mainly faceless business and I’m presenting these faces to the eyes of the world.

The series was on display during the Berlin Film Festival at the Argentinian Embassy.

Portrait of Mariano Sivak in his workshop
Portrait of actor Alan Daicz in Buenos Aires
Portrait of Argentinian actor Eduardo Carmona
Portrait of Carolina Oclander
Portrait of Art Director Aili Chen
Portrait of Casting Director Javier Braier
Portrait of Make-Up Artist Euge Sangalli
Portrait of film producer Iván Eibuszyc
Portrait of film director Ariel Rotter
Portrait of Juan Mario Roust & Jorge Ferrari
Portrait of Maria Lorena Maggi
Portrait of Marina Di Paola
Portrait of composer Osvaldo Montes
Portrait of Pablo Ramos