Secrets at court in 360°

In a special three day interactive and intermedia workshop at the German History Museum Berlin led by Maren Demant and Marcello Curto, 25 children explored the secrets of the Berlin court 200 years before their time and discussed similarities as well as disparities to their daily lives. They then built models in which they reenacted scenes from the court that they had found in the German History Museum and filmed these with 360°-VR-cameras. Later, the children created their own VR-Glasses and were able watch their works of art in virtual form.

Kunstherbst Berlin 2016

KUNSTHERBST für Kids Berlin is a not-for-profit project organized by the Institute for Arts and Media Management of the Freie Universität Berlin which gives 5th and 6th grade schoolchildren the opportunity to delve into the world of contemporary art in Berlin. The children are able to explore several different cultural institutions in art tours through museums, art galleries and artists’ studios and can then produce their own works of art in workshops created especially for them.