Jonas Kaufmann

Digital Marketing

We strive to create engaging experiences for fans of Jonas Kaufmann around the world.

We try to achieve this in several ways:

Managing Jonas Kaufmann’s social media channels stands at the forefront of our work for him. This includes having started his Instagram account @tenorkaufmann in 2018 and organically growing it to 36k followers within a year.

Further, we send out a monthly newsletter in English and in German, to keep fans up to date and share content otherwise not available on other platforms.

Jonas Kaufmann on the company blog of Grimm Audio

We try to engage Jonas’ audience with a raffle of signed CDs or DVDs here and there, also with the aim of winning them over to follow him on his social media channels or subscribing to his newsletter.

We generate traffic, by keeping Jonas’ website up to date and build landing pages for the raffles.

Jonas Kaufmann backstage in Salzburg with a lot of fans