Grimm Audio

Commercial Photography

A commercial for high-end audio equipment manufacturer Grimm Audio for an online advertising campaign for which we did the art direction, photography and copy.

Jonas Kaufmann enjoying his Grimm Audio speakers.

This was in collaboration with renowned tenor Jonas Kaufmann, who is featured in the ad and whose testimonial reads as follows:

When I listen to edit files of my recordings, for approval or additional notes, it is very important to me to hear the smallest details. In preparation of my new album-release in October I was once again grateful for having my Grimm LS1be speakers. While they function perfectly as monitor-speakers, at the same time they do not sound too persistent or direct, so you can just lean back, relax and enjoy music on a daily basis – a combination which is extremely rare. The speakers are also aesthetically appealing, so they blend nicely with my other furniture. I am often astounded by their quality which renders even the simplest digital file streams into smooth, warm, almost analog-sounding bits of joy.